About us

Dr. Paco Montañés

Paco is originally from Vila-real in the Valencia region. As a young man he was very interested in sports and is proud to say he worked as a coach for several Spanish Olympic swimmers for quite some time. It was his interest in swimming that inspired him to become a doctor. He studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia. Before opening the Costa Blanca Klinikken with his Norwegian wife Rita in 2004, he worked for the Spanish National Health System. Paco speaks several languages, including English.

Monika Barbara Marhaug

Monica is originally from Switzerland, but has an international profile and speaks several languages fluently. She has a nurse education from Switzerland, and she has worked at our clinic during ten years. She truly enjoys her job due to the international atmosphere that characterizes the clinic. Here she also has the opportunity to do what she likes the most, which is taking care of people. Monica is usually the first person you meet when you arrive at the reception.

Dr. Alexander Molano

Colombian Alexander has an impressive career behind him. In recent years, he has worked as a doctor in several prestigious hospitals in Spain, both public and private. Before coming to the Costa Blanca, where he has worked for the IMED Levante, he was employed at a private institution in Madrid. He is popular with our patients, who are grateful for his cheerful and caring nature.